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Manhwaga - Han Yu-Rang

Messagepar Maya » 12 Juil 2012, 16:16


Manhwaga sud-coréenne

Son oeuvre :

18 Years Old, We Got Married
Because You are Mine
Big Sister VS Big Brother
Bogle Goes to the Kingdom
Boy of the Female Wolf
Diet Sarangbeop
Do You Remember, Mogwa ?
Don't Cheat on Me !
Fallen Angels
Forbidden Kiss
Going to You (complet en anglais)
He and That Girl
Her True Color
Him, Her and the Prince's Dinner
I Care About You
I Do I Do (complet en français)
I'm Looking for the Princess (complet en anglais)
Julie's New Mokyeon Honeymoon Diary
Last Kiss
Lisa Good
Love in the mask (complet en anglais - 10/32 en fr)
Lover boy (complet en anglais)
Male Beautiful Girl
Moknanahui Honeymoon Diary
My Boyfriend is a Vampire (complet en français)
My Lovely Master
Nae-soong 9th grade Project
Never Cry
Nobles' Love Company
Oh !! My Master
Our Teacher
Out-Girl's Proposal
Sandwich Girl
Strange Pension
Surviving a Rebel
Sweet Bitter Love
Taming the cat master (complet en anglais)
The Bear-Like Fox Meets The Wolf
The Secretary Seamra March
The Two Stars Love
They're Not Kissing, and a Cat
To Love Our Enemies
Toemadan School
Ways of the Jogang Jicheo (complet en anglais)
Who Has Won
You Think ?

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